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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting means that there is one physical server which  is hosted among various users through its available resources hosted by them. Basically shared hosting is a platform on which each and every customer is having his/her own limits on services provided by the hosting company like: Bandwidth(Traffic) ,disk space, email accounts and more…

This is a kind of hosting which is an economical way of hosting your website.

Shared Hosting Pros And Cons!

When it comes to advantages of shared hosting the furthermost advantage will be its cost, as it has lower prices which is a crucial factor for most of buyers today. Shared web hosting will surely fits your need as it depends upon the number of websites hosted.

For a smaller websites shared web hosting is a great option as a user just needs to upload the website and just configure it to work, every shared web hosting provider offers their services as a ease to use, a control panel, so it become easier to upload your site, creating email accounts and adding database. Shared hosting saves time , and it is surely preferred for customers  who are having  smaller websites.

If we go on to the disadvantages of shared web hosting the first and most common factor we see is the limited use of resources, every user has some limitations according to their shared web hosting plan. This little bit of restrictions may cause you a problem and you but you can also upgrade your plan any time you want to.

So if you want to select shared web hosting plans for you, it could be best option to opt for the small business online presence.

Alternative To Shared Hosting

There is not any direct alternatives as cheap as shared hosting which are low cost and low maintenance that shared web hosting offers. Further if you need a hosting that is more reliable than you can get Virtual Private Servers(VPS) that can full fill your website requirements. This a technology that allows single physical server to get partitioned into multiple virtual servers as each one of them is completely independent from the others on that physical machine giving appearance of the dedicated servers.

Further If you have a really vast amount of traffic on your website and consuming high space then you can go for dedicated servers as there you can get everything unlimited and complete control is in your hands. It has more reliability compared to shared hosting and VPS.

What’s more better!

It just depends upon your priorities that what kind of hosting will be beneficial for your website. As earlier discussed shared hosting is best option for a small website. Now alternatively if your business is online and receiving  good amount of traffic than you can go for  Virtual Private Servers that would e a better fit for your business.

Shared Hosting Plans